Mittwoch, 5. April 2017

Out now: HERMELIN - tüdelüt MLP

Hermelin - tüdelüt MLP
Spin #03

Brand new 4 track 12" from Hermelin. New developments in rock! This time with a little harder jazzy edge. Seems time has taken it´s toll on these guys as well.  Elevator music far too loud that you will want to listen to over and over again. The fifth release by Hermelin is a twisted ear worm and a potential favourite record.

500 copies. Black vinyl.
Co-release with Dunkelziffer Records. A new label collective from Hannover. They have some more good stuff coming up...

Have a listen here or get the whole album for free on our bandcamp. Support is always welcome.

You can order the record direct from us for 15 EUR postpaid worldwide right HERE.

If you have the chance go and see them live on these dates:
17.04.2017 - Dresden - Ostpol
19.04.2017 - Leipzig - Dr Seltsam
20.04.2017 - Berlin - Schokoladen
21.04.2017 - Hamburg - F115
22.04.2017 - Hannover - LKA
25.05.2017 - Amsterdam - De Peper
26.05.2017 - Frankfurt - The Cave
27.05.2017 - Halle - Reil78